March 19, 2015
bedside table

It took me ages to decide what I wanted to do in the master bedroom. It started its life in an unfortunate shade of magnolia, kitted out with impulse buys and the beginnings of projects that never saw the light of day. Due to some seriously awkward angles and alcoves, we couldn’t have your standard 3-drawer bedsides without making the room look cramped and ineffective. They had to be small and open, ideally with enough surface space for a lamp and a few books.

Thanks to my IKEA addiction we had a few of these step stools hanging around. So instead of buying yet more furniture I decided to tackle the humble £13 wooden step stool and turn it into something that would suit the space.

I absolutely love these little stools now they’ve been given a makeover. If you want to give it a go, all you need is a paint brush, some wood stain and some white primer and gloss. Painting IKEA pieces is easy peasy when it’s a natural wood finish like these babies. If you’re dealing with lacquered furniture then it’s a little trickier and you’ll need to make sure you have the appropriate primer.

I used Johnstone’s Quick Drying Wood Stain in an oak satin finish, and painted it on leaving the steps bare. I actually used two coats of the stain as I wanted it a little bit darker. Then I primed the steps with a simple white wood primer before carefully finishing it with white gloss paint. I did two of these whilst they were fully assembled, so you don’t even have to take them apart.

bedside table2
bedside table 3
bedside table 4

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  1. Emily Hannah says:

    This DIY is so cute! It looks so effective and it's really nicely done x
    han // emandhan xo

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