April 22, 2015

So many lovely people have been requesting to see more of my living room thanks to this post, and now that we’ve got the new curtains up I can finally show you what we’ve been doing. As you know the coffee table is one of Ikea’s finest, hacked with metallic spray paint and marble contact paper. Diy here. The rug is from here and it’s probably my favourite part of the room. The Moroccan print and shaggy texture make me want to stand on it in bare foot, close my eyes, smile seductively and stretch out my toes as if I’m on a TV advert for DFS.

Because every good interior projects starts with a pin, the low shelf at the back of the room was inspired by Pinterest and cultivated using an old pallet board. Tom broke two boards from the pallet and sanded them down until they were smooth, then we propped them up using old magazines. The candlestick holders and cute little cactus house are both from Tiger, and the rest is from TK Maxx.

I struggled for ages with the TV unit, because I really didn’t want it to become the centre of the room. It’s important to me that the living room is a social place, where I can sit and natter over coffee and face an actual human being rather than a black box. That being said, we are not sophisticated enough to ditch the television completely so it needed its own place without ruining the feel of the room.

I finally decided on a unit from IKEA. It is actually a kitchen sideboard, but it was the perfect height and had a good amount of storage for DVDs etc. I painted it the same colour as the walls to create some harmony, and framed the TV by using long elegant candlesticks, a copper vase and a picture ledge.

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3 responses to “LIVING ROOM REVEAL”

  1. Debbie says:

    I love your living room! I've never thought about putting a bookcase behind the sofa, but that would free up a lot of room without it sticking out too far. We bought a new build about 8 months ago now and the living room is still really bare. You've giving me the kick I need to make it more homely. I agree about not wanting the TV to be the centrepiece. I like the idea of a little shelf above it. xx

    • Georgi says:

      Thanks Debbie! We had the perfect little alcove for a bookshelf, so it just made sense! It's great for extra storage. I have the little Ikea photo ledges all over the house, they are so great for when you wanna change up the artwork a bit. Thank you for your comment!


  2. I love your living this – Very pinterest esque x

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