January 22, 2016

DIY office prints

Eye-catching artwork for the house is one of those grown-up things that you simply have to buy if you’ve ever been on Pinterest’s Home Decor tab. You’re doing it right if you’re pinning gallery wall after gallery wall, lusting after the all-white-everything workspaces with marble accents (is marble still a thing though?) and copper cage lamps positioned on top of stacks of vintage fashion magazines. You know the killers though; it’s the satisfying simplicity of those black and white type-face prints that stare back at you with nothing but encouragement and #motivationforlife. I mean, what is an office without a reminder that oh yes we have many a tasks to attend but first we need a Instagram-worthy black coffee and a flatlay? It’s basically a black hole that sucks our positivity away like a hamster up a hoover. We NEED office prints.


diy office prints

On a writer’s salary, I just couldn’t justify spending upwards of £25 on a simple print I could do myself, especially since I wanted a whole wall of them! Thats too much dollar to spend in one go!

1. The Quote

This is a design I fell in love with whilst scrolling through Pinterest – easily re-created with a bit of fiddling on Photoshop. Print it out and stick it inside a black frame (this one was £2 from The Range) and you’ve got a quote to get you up in the mornings. On a serious note, if anyone wants this print give me a shout in the comments and I’ll e-mail it to you!

diy framed prints for office


2. The Arty Print

You know when you go round to your artist-friend’s house and start rummaging through the bin for any scrap pieces of paper she may have used for sketches/paint palettes? No? Well it’s something I’d highly recommend. Not to diminish the exceptional talent that my artist friend, Jess, undeniably possesses but if you don’t have an artist friend I’m pretty sure this image would be easy to do yourself? Just grab some watercolours and take a paintbrush to paper! Channel your inner artist and pretend your wiping the paint from a brush that is crafting a masterpiece. I think this is my favourite of the three. When placed inside a box frame with a white photo mount inside, it becomes a bespoke piece.

diy framed prints for office


3. The Stylish Sketch

I can take approximately 0% credit for this print. I found the image on Pinterest, beautifully sketched by a high-flying artist who was charging through the roof. So, I told my boyfriend (who is much handier with a pencil) to copy it. He did, and I simply went over it with a black pen and put it in a deep box black frame. Simples! Again, the white photo mount makes it look professional.

diy prints for home office

What do you think of these DIY projects? Would you tackle them in your office? Remember to leave a comment with your e-mail address if you’d like me to send you the first print to have for yourself!

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4 responses to “3 EASY DIY HOME OFFICE PRINTS”

  1. I love these! My dad is an art director so he basically does all this stuff for me haha. I used to have some at uni in fact!

    E x

    • Georgi says:

      Hey Eleanor,

      As always thanks so much for reading, I really appreciate your visits! You're very lucky to have an art director for a dad!! Feel free to send me your old ones…! Haha xx

  2. What a fab idea!! I recently bought a print for £35 which I really, really love but couldn't justify buying more so will have to get handy like you and make some of my own.

    Jess x


    • Georgi says:

      Hey Jess! Oh it's so hard to resist when you fall in love with a print isn't it?! Definitely give me a shout if you try any of these, or if you want me to send you the "Creative Minds are Rarely Tidy" print I totally can. xxx

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