March 15, 2016

The 19th of February 2016 marked the 88th month I had spent loving the guy who once scaled a 20 foot tree in the middle of a wood because I was after a bunch of eucalyptus for our bathroom.

It also marked the day my future and his were suddenly bound together with the stuff that’s reserved for legendary romances. I say suddenly because even though we’ve been together for over 7 years, when he woke me up with a coffee and the words, “wake up beautiful – today is a special day,” I was expecting either breakfast in bed or a puppy.

“Is it?” (a special day) I asked as he gently dressed my bedside table with two cups of coffee – one for him and one for me. It took me a few hazy seconds to realise that each mug was coupled with a delicate teaspoon – an intricately engraved handle resting against the porcelain like a cool guy from a 90’s movie waiting for his sweetheart to finish school. After noticing the teaspoons (well done brain) and quietly wondering whether Tom had been collecting vintage cutlery without me realising, I also noted that instead of curling back under the covers with his coffee and his book, he was sitting next to me, coercing me from my sleepy coma.

By this point I was definitely in the mood for breakfast in bed or a puppy and had added a modest lottery win to my list of explanations for his odd behaviour.

Realising my heavy-eyed observation, he suggested I take a closer look. Whilst I was definitely admiring his taste in cutlery I wasn’t convinced that this was worth waking up early for. Lifting the first teaspoon from its watery home I read, “19th February 2016” engraved on the bowl.

“How sweet,” I thought, “today’s our anniversary.”

On the second teaspoon, engraved in the same beautiful script was the number 88, followed by the words, “and always.” With a furrowed brow my brain was working as fast as it possibly could at 7:30 in the morning. Late Valentine’s Day gesture? But 88 what – reasons he loves me? Places we’ve been together? Variations of banana bread we’ve experimented with? The number of times we’ve chosen Netflix & Chill over being sociable adults?

A millisecond before my brain got there, he was down on one knee by the side of our bed explaining that we’d been together for 88 months and if 8 is the infinity symbol then 88 means double infinity. My inner monologue was flooded with rather animated language and whilst I have a vivid memory of Tom speaking, all I can really remember is the butterflies in my tummy and the look on his face. After a declaration of love (he could have been singing the theme tune to Postman Pat for all I can recall) he presented me with a little penguin ring box, which opened to reveal the most perfect diamond I’ve ever seen. A flawless brilliant cut solitaire diamond with a twist setting and a slim platinum band. Did I mention he put it in a penguin ring box? I remember him saying, “I was wondering if you’d marry me.”

I squealed “yes” about nine times whilst bouncing up and down on the bed and before I knew it he had slipped the ring on my finger and made me the happiest girl in the world. After we cried and cuddled and Tom’s heart rate returned to normal, he told me that my parents already knew because he’d asked for their permission in a hand-written letter at the beginning of the week.

He told me to pack a bag and we left for a spa weekend, where we giggled our way through afternoon tea, had massages and a three-course bistro dinner (not at the same time) and spent the night staring at each other like dumb love-struck teenagers. The morning after, we ordered breakfast in bed so I could do nothing but sip coffee next to my fiancé and stare at my ring.

I captured as much of the day as I could manage in my dreamlike state of mind.

I’d just like to say a really big lovely thank you to who provided me with two pieces of jewellery with the infinity symbol in order for me to share this post to the best of my creative abilities. They will always have a special place in our little world.

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  1. Abi Street says:

    a huge congratulations!! This nearly made my cry, so so sweet x

  2. This was so adorable to read and congratulations! I hope I have a love story to tell like yours one day. It's obvious how much you're in love.

    Pretty Mad Things .. x o

  3. Ilah E says:

    Such a lovely written blogpost! I'm very happy for you (eventhough I don't know you), congratulations! X

  4. Leanne Marie says:

    congratulations to you both, what a wonderfully written account of a special day. super cute! x

  5. This could not be any more romantic or beautifully written even if Shakespeare and Jane Austen wrote it together. This is a beautiful memoir for you both and I send you my deepest congratulations and well wishes for your happy future together!

    Congratulations again.

    RebeccaJane xo

  6. This couldn't be any more romantic or beautifully written even if Shakespeare and Jane Austen wrote it together. This is a beautiful memoir for you both and I send my deepest congratulations and well wishes for your happy future together!

    Congratulations again.

    RebeccaJane xo

  7. What a beautiful engagement story! Congratulations!!! I got engaged in August and kinda ruined his proposal by being grumpy after hours of heaving boxes in and out of our new house. If only I could turn back time! xx

  8. Debs says:

    Such a lovely story. Big congratulations xxx

  9. Mel Davies says:

    I loved reading this post – what a beautiful story! Congratulations 🙂

    Lilies and Lipbalm

  10. Hannah says:

    This was so lovely to read. How romantic! Congratulations to both of you 🙂 xo

  11. Pippa L says:

    I actually got goosebumps reading this it was just so lovely, waaaaay more gorgeous and romantic than any movie proposal I've ever seen! Congrats to you both x

    Pippa |

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