October 9, 2016

As a fully functioning adult, you might think you have all the insurance you need in life. Pet insurance for your fury friends, travel insurance for last minute adventures, house insurance to protect your valuables, life insurance to protect your loved ones, car insurance, medical insurance…(please note these are not listed in order of importance…)

Insurance is a pretty big deal at the best of times, so when you get engaged it’s no surprise that there are a few special products reserved just for you and your new fiancé to wrap your heads around.

Not only should you get your husband-to-be to insure your engagement ring pretty swiftly after the proposal, you should also start thinking about wedding insurance. Because just in case planning a wedding isn’t stressful enough, the insurance industry is forcing you to think about all the things that could possibly go wrong – including the wedding not happening at all.

What’s the best way to confront the anti-romance evil that is wedding insurance you ask? I’d say much in the same way as you’d tackle a tub of Häagen-Dazs: quickly whilst in in denial. Yes, you want to make sure the insurance you choose covers things like supplier cancellation, photographs, rings and the venue burning down, but I say these terrifying cover details are best read in a bit of hurry.

Once it’s done, you can forget it ever happened and try not to dwell on phrases like, “with so many third parties involved, things can and do go wrong.” What do they know, anyway?

So what’s the best cover?

I’ve been to a couple of wedding shows since getting engaged and every time I was bombarded by men and women attached to clipboards shouting all the benefits at me as if they know something about my wedding that I don’t. Like any policy, there are pros and cons to every package. These are the three we considered after collecting flyers at the National Wedding Show 2016 back in October.


wedding insurance

The first and most luxurious wedding insurance we came across, this policy offers its holders a free £20 gift card to spend in store or online plus 10% off online. Handy, right? That could be £20 off suits for the boys or shoes for the girls. Prices for these packages start at £58.88 and this is an example of what’s included.

Choose from five different packages, all varying in benefits.

My-Wedding Insurance

wedding insurance



Despite what the girl on the flyer is trying to tell you, My-Wedding Insurance assures you that this is the happiest day of your life! But just in case, there are four different covers to choose from based on the average cost of your big day. Set packages start at £24.51. Benefits include:




wedding insurance



This is the insurance we decided to go with, mainly because of the price but also because it covered everything. Prices start at £16.78 and their website is really user friendly. Everything is explained clearly and the differences between prices are minimal. For example, for the ‘Ivory’ package you’ll pay just £16.78 and be protected against wedding cancellation up to £2,500. The next package up, the ‘Pearl’ covers you for £5,000 and costs £24.51. Whilst the third package, named, ‘Ruby’ is £30 and covers wedding cancellation up to £10,000. Benefits include:

So it may be the very LAST thing on my mind, but it IS important to protect yourself when you’re spending so much money. Are you a bride to be in the middle of planning? Did looking for wedding insurance give you a bit of a headache?

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  1. Christina says:

    This is SO interesting and i’ll be honest – I didn’t even know that wedding insurance even existed. Are these prices a set fee or per month until the day?!

    • Georgi says:

      Hi Christina! Thank you so much for reading, are you planning a wedding too? No thankfully these prices are fixed as a one-off payment so there’s no monthly fees! Hope that helps 🙂 xx

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