May 5, 2017


I know, I know. I’m SORRY. I totally missed a month. Does this pretty photo of some of our dried confetti make up for it?

Probably not. But what I love about my small yet loyal blog squad is that you guys understand that it’s part of my USP when I disappear for a month or two and try to start a wedding hire business.

So here’s the thing. In 3 months time I’m going to be playing giant Jenga in my wedding dress and scoffing my face with naked Victoria sponge cake. In that order.

Don’t get mad but I’ve missed out a pretty epic wedding detail in this whole failure-at-documenting-my-wedding-planning-month-by-month series. And it’s this: my best friend Laila is making my dress. Like actually making it by hand like the couture goddess she is. So naturally there’s been a fitting and naturally I can’t show you anything because – ahem – bride.

I can show you the amazing lunch we had though, which is a pretty horrendous consolation prize. Why you ask? Because in about 3 seconds there’s a good chance you’ll be craving hummus in the same dignified manner as the Undead craving chunks of human flesh. And I can’t take responsibility for your actions.



Sorry about that Undead thing. We’ve been binge watching The Walking Dead.

And then there was this…

Again, I can’t shed any light on it mostly because I have absolutely no idea what’s going on.



Not too long after we fell in love with Laila’s Dad’s hummus, we finally finished our wedding invitations AND I managed to take some photos before setting them on fire posting them. I am absolutely in love with them though, so there’s that.

I’ll tell you who most definitely isn’t in love with them: the lady at the post office. Let’s call her Leslie. Leslie couldn’t understand why I wanted pretty vintage stamps on my wedding invitations. She also couldn’t understand how anyone could be so meticulous about collecting the correct postage for each invitation, only for each and every one of them to be 1p short.

Sorry Leslie; for disrupting your day with a suitcase full of Whimsical; and also for sitting cross-legged on the floor of your shop for half an hour, counting out 1 penny stamps.



Bring on the next 3 months of total madness, including a hen party, spa days and makeup trials!! Eeek!

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