September 4, 2017

Totally free and waiting to be gawped at, this easy countryside hike is the place to be if you’re craving a little peace and quiet outside of Ubud. Take a friend and find a place along the ridge to watch the sunset, or rise with the sun and enjoy a few quiet moments before the crowds hit. You could even refuel for the walk back by having breakfast at the popular Karsa Kafe – a beautiful local cafe amidst scenic rice terraces.

The hike is easy to find. If you leave Ubud centre and walk west, you’ll reach a sign for IBAH Luxury Villas and Spas after about about ten minutes. The steep hill to the left of this sign marks the beginning of the walk. Wander around the back of the temple (or stop to visit) and the walk is clearly signposted.

After another little climb up and around the temple, the landscape will open up and you’ll be treated to lush tropical jungle cascading down both sides of the ridge.

Breathtaking views and fresh air is on the cards for those who want to experience a bit of the ‘old Bali’ – a welcome relief from the craziness of Ubud.

It’s not a strenuous walk and can be completed by even the most dedicated beach bum. You’ll be stopping along the way to snap some photos too, so the pace is well and truly chilled.

At the end of the hike, there are a few local stalls selling carvings and artisan crafts as well as a cafe where you can grab a cold coconut or some local Mie Goreng.

Start the day here before walking into Ubud for some breakfast and a mooch around the market, or hike into the sunset before heading back to your Airbnb for a detoxifying bath amongst Bali’s best flower petals.

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